In order to keep valuable information organized, and to provide a better service to our users, please note that support is offered on the Support Forums only. Support requests submitted via either comments on the item’s page on ThemeForest, or via email, will all be redirected to the forum.

Support is intended to be for bugs issues only, and we do not offer guidance for theme modifications, WordPress or plugin related stuff.

Our support services do not cover the following areas:

  • theme modifications that involve adding new features not present in the theme
  • theme graphic modifications
  • feature requests, that is to say customization of theme features to match specific individual requirements
  • bugs due to theme customizations
  • bugs related to plugins non-officially supported by the theme

Concerning problems related to specific plugins, we’ll offer compatibility support as long as the issue is theme-related only (we can’t fix incompatibilities between plugins).

To sum up, it’ll be our care to fix bugs and anomalies (style, rendering and functionality issues) only directly referable to our themes; we’re sorry, but there aren’t enough hours in a day to offer anymore than this kind of support, keeping everything free of charge.

Starting from November 15, 2013, all the topics posted will be subject to moderation. Topics and replies that are related to the above list will not be approved.

For anything more than a bug fix, we suggest that you hire a developer. Beware that by heavily editing complex files like javascript or framework files you can break theme functionalities and, as stated before, such changes won’t be covered by support.

Our advice is to always use a child theme for your customizations, in order to keep compatibility with future updates.

How to report a bug

When asking for help, the most important thing is to be clear and polite towards people. and please keep in mind the following basic rules:

  1. Try to Google your question first, as especially for WordPress-related matters someone might already have experienced the same issue.
  2. If you can’t find anything good on Google, make a search on the forum before creating a new topic. You’ll then be able if people that has bought the same product as you have already experienced a problem similar to yours.
  3. Update your theme to the latest version available. If you have installed additional plugins disable them and check if the issue persists.
  4. If the problem persists, create a new topic in the appropriate forum, which is the one specifically dedicated to the product you bought.

When submitting a bug report, please take these guidelines as a reference for your question:

  1. Please specify the version of the product (eg. 1.3.2)
  2. If you know such information, please specify if you’re hosted on a Linux server or on a Windows server. This is not strictly required, but in some circumstances this makes the difference.
  3. Provide a list of plugins you’ve used in your installation. If a plugin is somehow conflicting with the product, we’ll then be able to identify it and possibly fix the compatibility issue.
  4. If it’s a rendering issue, please tell us what’s your browser of choice, comprehensive of its version (e.g. Google Chrome 14, Safari 5.1, Firefox 7 etc.)
  5. If you see an error message, copy the entire error message and paste it in your text. Most of the times, this will be more than sufficient for us to identify the problem.

Remember that we reply to support questions during working weekdays (monday through friday), so try not to worry too much if you don’t get an answer within 5 minutes, and most importantly don’t write another message should that happen.